Friday, July 14, 2006

BSNL Dataone & Wireless WRT54G

Excited as I was, that Im finally taking the plunge into the wireless arena. Simply was obsessed with the idea of browsing the Internet in front of the TV on my brand new Dell Laptop!

I have my good old PC connected over Ethernet to the ADSL Modem with BSNL as my Broadband-ISP. Got a Linksys WRT54G which I rounded up as one of the simple, robust choice for a Wireless Router. For once, I wanted to do it as said in the "manual"!

I first hooked up my PC to one of the Ethernet ports of the router and connected the router to my ADSL modem. Fine.. set my machine to use DHCP and restarted my PC. (although I new ipconfig /release and /renew would work)

Now, the problem started; I was unable to browse the internet! That was my basic purpose, wasn't it?!  Ok, time to take on reins - I soon figured out that I was unable to reach the modem's administration page OR in other words, Im unable to resolve the IP address of the modem.

Simple problem - Both the Router and the Modem had the same default addresses -

Simple solution - Change the IP address on the Router to through the management page. Zoom - it worked!

Just was inquisitive to see whether other wireless comrades had done the same thing... Yes many had!