Monday, May 18, 2009

Installing Huawei EC168c USB Modem (Reliance NetConnect)


I've finally got my Reliance NetConnect-3g modem EC168c working on my laptop.

Background -
I had an issue with the USB modem not being "detected" on completion of the installation. I have two laptops, one official and one personal, both running WinXP SP2. My personal laptop detected the USB modem without any problem, but the official laptop detected only the USB storage and doesn't detect my USB-modem after installation.

I suspect some Registry entry changes. I browsed through Google, without any results so far.

Symptoms -
This issue is known to occur when the USB storage devices are disabled in certain laptops due to company policies, or by restrictive software. Even though, they are enabled manually by editing the registry, this issue about not detecting the modem persists!
So, Only the USB storage part of the NetConnect modem is detected; and not as a USB modem.

Solution -
1. Plugin the Reliance NetConnect Modem and allow it to be detected as a USB storage device.
2. Complete the installation with the CD or through the software provided in the USB storage. Ensure that you dont have any other USB storage devices connected. If so, remove them now.
3. Now if the 3G-modem is not detected, then read on...
4. Open DeviceManager (MyComputer-->Properties-->Hardware-->Device Manager)
5. Expand the branch Universal Serial Bus controllers. You will see USB Mass Storage Device.
6. Right-click on the device and choose Uninstall and confirm the message by choosing OK. The device will then be uninstalled.
7. Now click on Menu: Action-->Scan for Hardware changes. The modem and the storage should now be detected!

Verification -
Once completed, you can start the Reliance NetConnect software and then you should see the Signal on the left-bottom corner on the main-screen.

Tested Configuration -
HP Compaq Core2 Laptop running WinXp SP3

Known Issues -
* Once installed - works only on the same USB port that you installed on!
(Can you believe it! Anyway, it works consistently on the same port, hence, no worries)

Still face issues? Comment on my blog.

Let me know if this sorted out your issue, so that this can be useful for other folks.