Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making SDHC card work with WM6

Another tech-challenge... to keep life interesting! I bought a 4GB Kingston SDHC at a good deal from a sale. Came home, put it on my PDA running Windows Mobile 6.1 - just as my fears tell, it didn't work! Surprisingly, it worked on a simple Nokia phone and a Chinese phone from a friend. All I thought of was - if it's not a hardware incompatibility, I may be able to get it working.

And, of course, got it working on my HTC P3300! A couple of hours of googling and reading.

Phone: HTC P3300
OS: Windows Mobile 6.1
Card: Kingston SDHC 4GB, Class-4
Installer used: Artemis ( extracted from
See link:

First try: Installed, but wireless stopped being detected. Just as explained here.

Second Try (successful!): Installed artemis and works like a charm!

As always, comment on this post, if you have further information on this one.

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