Monday, June 12, 2006

Exceed just flashes and closes after login!

I had to restart my PC for some reasons. I had closed my Exceed Session earlier-on and again launched it after restart.
Everything was normal until I logged in. After I logged in, the Screen just flashed and down it went... disappeared!! Oh man! Not on a Friday afternoon!

I sighed a little thinking it was just one of those program _crashes_. Went about the typical stuff of seeing whether any "Exceed" related program is running on the TaskMgr, killed it and then restarted Exceed.
The login screen came - alright; but now after I logged in, it again came back to the login screen!! I suspected my password expiry and checked the connection to our Dev-Host via telnet. Everything was fine.

Now, I reinstalled Hummingbird Exceed 7.1.xx that I was using; replaced it with 9.x and tried again - Still the same problem! Just to make sure, I had one of my colleagues login to the host from my machine. It worked!

It was now clear that it was something to do with my XWindow configuration that had gone wrong OR possibly corrupted.
I tried Google/Yahoo and stuff I could find with my intelligent key-words; bah, No help.

Finally I raised it with our Unix Team; not expecting replies till monday.
And down comes the quick mail from the senior SA - A one-liner that said:

Log in through a normal ssh/telnet session - move your .dt directory out of the way (or remove the sessions directory inside it).

So, thats what I did: I first tried deleting the sessions directory $ rm -rf

- Didn't work.

And then, I tried doing the next bit:

$ mv .dt .dt1
: Logged in again and I was through..!

The only problem was that I had to re-setup my workspaces and their names just as I had before - hmm., thats not a hard job is it..!

- 12 Jun 2006

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