Monday, June 05, 2006

WinXP: Unable to write to Flash/Removable Storage

Like most of you, I fancy carrying a USB-memory-stick with me most of the time. One fine monday morning, I had to pick a few snaps from my PC and copy them over a friend's laptop. Simple, as it should be - it didn't work!!

I was not able to copy files from my machine to the drive! It would read like a breeze, but simply wouldn't copy! Tried the same on the laptop, and it works! After a few tries on google, I gave up to the fact(?) that it was a hardware issue.

A couple of hours later, I tried with some "smart"-er keywords which brought me to a long article on people complaining about USB issues. Somewhere down the line, this XP demi-god had quoted a solution.

Its to do with a registry setting, usually reset after XP-SP2:


is to be set to zero "0".

That was it! Simple and neat!
PS: You may need admin rights to set this key.

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